Samsung Galaxy S & Tab official ICS update Flip Flop continues

Posted:  January 4, 2012   By:    7 comments   

A few weeks ago, there was quite a buzz surrounding Samsung’s older Galaxy S & Galaxy Tabs on its upgradability to the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. At first, Samsung announced no plans to offer such upgrades but later retracted and is reconsidering their options.

Some are saying that Samsung will be releasing Value Packs as mere enhanced Android 2.3 Gingerbread update while XDA reported that it might be Ice Cream Sandwich with lite-version of TouchWiz.

Now it seems that the Galaxy S will not be getting anything at all according to the latest update by TNW, citing that hardware limitation that’s optimised for Gingerbread experience. There’s no mention of Galaxy Tab but it is likely to face the same fate as well. Is this the end of it? Or will we see another U-turn reaction again?


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7 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S & Tab official ICS update Flip Flop continues


screwed by Samsung software division, simple as it is.


I used to own a Galaxy S which I passed on to my wife. Lesson learned, if(and a big IF), I were ever to go back to Android it will be only for pure Google phones. Thank god my wife doesn't know even what Gingerbread is and I suspect majority of Android users. So Samsung thinks it can get away with this.


I read this as: "We're (as in Samsung) not interested in supporting our older devices because, hey, f*ckall to customer loyalty because this doesn't make business sense for us. Problem? This is how we roll, bitches."

Nevermind that ICS runs perfectly OK on the SGS. teamhacksung and onecosmic's ports are a testament to that. Samsung, how about a plain vanilla official port of ICS for the SGS with TouchWiz lite as an optional installable package?


This is a always a problem with Android.. no matter it's samsung or not.. an older 2 year old 3GS is still able to run the latest iOS5. Microsoft know this problem, that is why there is a min hardware requirement for all window phones..

if you ever bought a budget android device, you can almost certainly stuck with original firmware for the rest of your life.. your only hope is hackers or developers… lol…

    Capt Obvious

    Ios5 on 3gs is not the same as Ios5 on 4s. Apple makes you think you have the latest but it is striped down version. For android if you get that version you really get that version.


but u haven't got any official information from Samsung right?


nice gadjet!