UNCONFIRMED: Celcom offers Samsung Galaxy Nexus from RM1368

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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also offered on Celcom Biz plans at RM1,348 with 24 months contract of Celcom Biz P148 + SMS Pack. Also available on 24 months contract of Celcom Biz P48 + Business Broadband Basic + SMS Pack at RM1,438.

UPDATE 2: Celcom finally reveals official Galaxy Nexus bundled plans. Details are the same however there’s no mention of RM60 rebate.

The Galaxy Nexus will be officially launched in Malaysia with Celcom as one of the telco offering it on contract. From this latest update, the Galaxy Nexus is priced at RM2099 outright, placing it right in between the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note. On Celcom, the Galaxy Nexus can be yours from RM1368. Overall the bundle price are lower than the Galaxy Note except for the 18 months option on Celcom Exec 250 which is priced the same.

As usual you have the option of 3 consumer plans on 18 months and 24 months duration. Note that these plans are unconfirmed and the launch is slated for next Friday on 13th January 2012. In addition Celcom is said to offer promo subscription as well for the first 6 months which is RM60 extra savings.

Head after the break for a clearer view of Celcom’s consumer plan offering.


DiGi is expected to offer bundled plans as teased earlier on Twitter. Word has it that Maxis too might join the Galaxy Nexus bandwagon but this is yet to be confirmed as well.

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17 Comments for UNCONFIRMED: Celcom offers Samsung Galaxy Nexus from RM1368


Great news for android lovers !

Bad news for cocky apple


    Who's the cocky one here…look at how Samsung advertise their products…(via video and advertisements)in response to apple…u can read the previous SoyaCincau Posts if u haven seen..

    u be the judge…=)


      you are typical apple fans for sure. your eyes can only see good thing from apple.
      please look at what apple previously done to microsoft. it's the same thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCL5UgxtoLs
      it's only a retribution to apple 😀


        I m not any fan if u think that i am an apple fan…i m in support for quality products…not cheap products that cant last long…android is very good and interesting….but iOS is too simple and can be boring…however hardware product apple and nokia(from experience)are better…than any other smartphones…no offence but i m not an apple fan as u mighjavascript: postComment(1);t think…sorry..=(


          you don't have to feel sorry. i just want to let you know that Samsung isn't the only one advertise their product by satirizing their competitor. it's also they can only show off the strength if they have better features. At least, they didn't tell any lie in the ads right? you sure iphone hardware is really better? you may need to compare the specs one more time http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=421…

          i'm not a fans of samsung too. i own both iphone and android phone. and in my experience of use, android does have better features overall. for iphone, it just looks cool, have nicer design and better user interface. importantly, it has apple logo behind it 😀


          I understand…they din tell lie but the fact is that Samsung as a established company should be doing their own way..not copying Apple…they should be more creative and make their features very different from Apple..

          just wan to make it clear that i m no apple fan that defend the brand until he dies..wahaha…..

          its funny how we can create our names with the old in between the brands, Apple and Samsung..haha..

          U copied me!haha…..just joking xD


          as a consumer, i really dont care who copy from who. I just care the final product it's better among all. it's just like, you got a good idea, but you can't do it well, why not let somebody else who use your idea and expand it further and benefit to the world? technology can't just close its door and build own car. can you see why google so successful? they open up a lot of technologies, example like Google Maps is used by iPhone too. Ask yourself, Apple never copy others? the new feature "notification center" it's similar to Android's notification has been using long time ago. But Apple "Copy" and also make it nicer only. They can't get creative for all things too, especially after the most creative person had died… 😀


          I have an iPod touch and an Android phone too, and with the Galaxy Nexus aside, are you freaking kidding me?! The design of the Galaxy range of phones, and the TouchWiz UI stinks so much of an iPhone, I avoided their phones like the plague. :/ For a company like Samsung, you'd expect them to _innovate_, not simulate. They have made wonderful products, yet you're telling me they cannot come up with something original for their phones? It has made Android look like a complete iOS duplicate – something, as an Android fan, I spit on. I don't mind the copying of simple concepts and methods, but to copy the look and market it as an "Android iPhone" (Search for it, there ARE marketers saying that) is a complete insult to the work of Google.

          For the record, I support Apple products as much as I do others. I just don't believe in Samsung and their "oh, I'm not copying anything from Apple", and their defense in the lawsuits around the world. Total bull. Consider me biased, if you will, but get it right – I'm not biased towards any brand, I'm biased towards innovation, great technology and great design.

Lia Nadia Qistina

this is good! Android phones are getting high demand nowadays.


Can't wait. But since I still tied to Maxis for 1 more year…. I might get Galaxy Nexus from AP.


copy cats and pirates always win.

ppl always wants everything for nothing.

thats why a lot of kids are now working in sweat shop!!! good trend!!!


i see the battery is 1850mAH?


why la no ~~RM150 plan….sigh…….


16GB or 32GB? Did they offer 32GB?


    GSM unit only have 16GB for now…hope the GSM 32GB will be out soon 😀


      Hope 32GB wont be over price XD

Ho Lay Yoon

SoyaCincau:- you r stating 13 of Jan would be Samsung Galaxy Nexus Official Launch date right in Malaysia. but how could we trace the details ? Right until now, there is no notice or news appears after i tired of browsing.
If THIS FRIDAY would be the official launch date, plz provide MORE UPDATE new and info especially about the venue, date & time in no meant time.