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For those that need to stay connected to Facebook without buying into bulky data plans, Maxis has introduced its new Facebook Internet Plans. These plans offer unlimited Facebook access bundled with miniscule amount of data at 2 Days (10MB), 5 Days (25MB) and 10 Days (75MB) options.

Before subscribing, you would need to understand the conditions & restrictions that apply with such plan. Firstly the unlimited Facebook access is limited to Facebook Java app or via Accessing through your smart phone Facebook apps or the full site will incur data usage. Another tricky situation is that your unlimited facebook access will automatically expire if you used up the bundled data. This means if you finished your 10 Days quota on the first day, your unlimited Facebook access will be immediately revoked. As a result, you will be charged the standard pay as you go rate of 10sen per 10KB.

From the looks of it, this Facebook Internet Plans are better suited for feature phones with Java app where connectivity is normally accessed on ad-hoc basis. For smart phones such as iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, the tiny bundled data quota would be easily depleted from the usual background notification/services. We recommend sticking to the usual monthly data plans for better peace of mind. As always, do read up their FAQ before subscribing.

For monthly data subscribers, Maxis has updated the excess data usage to 30 sen per MB, which is currently being offered on its new Value Plus Internet plans.

For more information, head over to Maxis Mobile Internet Plans.

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10 Comments for Maxis Facebook Internet Plans


Is this the special maxis plan that was up for iphone 4s?

steven C

dont feel this vry good plan, rather get in other daily data plan


10MB will disappear in just minutes! Useless plan


volume quota and the price is not reasonable. agree with tinting that this is such a useless plan.


another ripoff from Maxis…


maxis trying to do a bill shock to user again !


It's just repackaging the same rates. The monthly passes have been in place for a while already. While UMobile offers Unlimited Mobile Internet for RM28 per month (500MB FUP), Maxis is offering 500MB @ RM58. Calculating based on 500MB, Maxis is at least 2X more expensive.

It's even more ridiculous when we look at pay per-use. UMobile and TuneTalk offers 5sen per MB, while Maxis is milking 10sen per 10KB, which translates to RM10 per MB! This is 200X more expensive than UMobile and TuneTalk! Even at the excess usage charge of 30sen per MB is still 6X more expensive than UMobile.

Maxis keeps saying they are not offering unlimited plans because users will not be able to utilise of of it. So instead of giving users a buffet of unlimited data with a reasonable charge, they decide to go for the kill with those horrendous plans.

MCMC should make unlimited data the industry standard. I'm all for FUP (though I still don't see the logic to it. Slowing people down will only make people stay longer on the network, creating even more traffic. And I'm sure transmitting data does not exhaust any resources besides electricity.). With a true unlimited data plan that is affordable, I'm sure the broadband penetration rate will shoot through the roof faster than just through TM.

Maxis has the best network coverage in the nation, and they are milking every single sen they can before competitors catch up. The moment they match UMobile's UMI plan, I'm subscribing to the package. I swear. For now they won't be getting a sen from me using data.


Maxis reduced their mobile internet plan to RM68 per month for 3GB and also their other plans. They introduced 1GB plan at 48 Ringgit.


there is a new plan which includes 200MB pass for rm28. (suitable for a light user and affordable i guess, at least for me)
the other 500mb, 1GB and 3GB also reduced to rm38, rm48, rm68 respectively. new year gifts probably! 🙂

Nazreen hashime

Why maxis does't create same blackberry internet plan such as rm20 per month to nokia user?