Maxis Facebook Internet Plans

For those that need to stay connected to Facebook without buying into bulky data plans, Maxis has introduced its new Facebook Internet Plans. These plans offer unlimited Facebook access bundled with miniscule amount of data at 2 Days (10MB), 5 Days (25MB) and 10 Days (75MB) options.

Before subscribing, you would need to understand the conditions & restrictions that apply with such plan. Firstly the unlimited Facebook access is limited to Facebook Java app or via Accessing through your smart phone Facebook apps or the full site will incur data usage. Another tricky situation is that your unlimited facebook access will automatically expire if you used up the bundled data. This means if you finished your 10 Days quota on the first day, your unlimited Facebook access will be immediately revoked. As a result, you will be charged the standard pay as you go rate of 10sen per 10KB.

From the looks of it, this Facebook Internet Plans are better suited for feature phones with Java app where connectivity is normally accessed on ad-hoc basis. For smart phones such as iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, the tiny bundled data quota would be easily depleted from the usual background notification/services. We recommend sticking to the usual monthly data plans for better peace of mind. As always, do read up their FAQ before subscribing.

For monthly data subscribers, Maxis has updated the excess data usage to 30 sen per MB, which is currently being offered on its new Value Plus Internet plans.

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For more information, head over to Maxis Mobile Internet Plans.