Galaxy Nexus to be available on both Celcom & DiGi

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UPDATE: Unconfirmed Celcom Galaxy Nexus plans.

UPDATE 2: DiGi starts pre-order of Samsung Galaxy Nexus from RM1,399.

If you’re looking for bundle offer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can now expect both DiGi & Celcom to offer the device at subsidised pricing with the usual plans like the Galaxy Note. As usual Maxis is still staying away from Android devices, except for its recent Motorola RAZR bundling.

So how much would the Galaxy Nexus go for on contract? Since the Galaxy Nexus is priced between the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, we are expecting the contracted pricing as follows:

  • Celcom RM1150-RM1300 (on 18 months Celcom Exec 250)
  • DiGi RM1249-RM1399 (on 24 months DG Smart Plan 68)

Originally planned for December release, the Galaxy Nexus is currently slated on the 13th January, which is just 2 Fridays away. For those who can’t wait, you can get a Galaxy Nexus from grey importers for as low as RM2040.


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15 Comments for Galaxy Nexus to be available on both Celcom & DiGi


Today went to Low Yat . The sales ppl there are a bunch of arrogant idiots. Not helpful and kiasu.


    agree.. I went there and most of them dunno nuts bout it…


thnks for the information…i'm interested with this galax nexus


nexus series all about is the pure google, not the hardware


yes.. quad core is attractive


agree with vincent…if you're concern only about the hardware then this phone ain't for you.
and what makes you so sure that the ip5 and sgs3 is around the corner…if it will be released in about the end of Q1 or early Q2 in the US and UK market, then we'll be having it on Q3 for sure..we in Malaysia are slower than Singapore..In fact, our country are even slower than India.


    if judging from just software, yeah i'd agree with vincent too. but i guess if u judge both hardware+software together, samsung's google phones r always just a notch higher than their latest sgs counterpart. its like a beta version of the upcoming sgs only. cuz whenever an sgs does come out..boom it just revolutionizes the smartphone industry n creates a whole new gap from the latest google phone n thus whupping the latest iphone altogether. just so u know i'm an avid samsung n google fan. so i have to agree that its just wiseR to wait. just a personal opinion, u might beg to differ. cheers n happy new year! 🙂


yipee!! galaxy nexus FTW!


Maxis is an idiot..


That's actually quite a biased comment. Let me give a slightly fairer view, at least to defend why I would want to purchase a Galaxy Nexus:

1. The processor in both phones run at similar speeds, as CPU benchmarks have shown. It is given that the GPU is definitely much older and very disappointing for a phone such as the Galaxy Nexus, though.

2. Galaxy Nexus' rear camera is not as powerful as that of Galaxy SII, that's a given. However, the shutter speed of the 5MP camera makes up for the lower quality. (Why do people keep forgetting this?! It's one of the Galaxy Nexus' selling points.) Putting such a high-quality high-shutter-speed camera into an already relatively expensive phone would make it too costly for anyone to purchase, too!

3. The pixel density of the PenTile screen of the Galaxy Nexus has been said in many forums to be unnoticeable. It is in fact more cost effective that way, and the images are still very sharp. Considering the pixel density is now almost 315 ppi, the only reason why anyone would be complaining about the screen is because it's older technology. The argument is invalid here. Your eyes are human, not alien. <.<

4. I cannot argue against the fact that the MTP/PTP protocol the Galaxy Nexus is using is complete bollocks. However I am wondering why anyone would require anything higher than 32GB; This IS your phone, not your Swiss army knife of digital devices. I would otherwise use a hard drive. Besides, microSD cards can be quite costly and you may get a Class 2 card, which is as slow as the Bangkok traffic jams if you want to transfer large items.

5. Things which the author have pointed out correctly would be the much better hardware (though software updates are going to be very slow…) and the native decoding support.

6. (This is entirely my personal take) Even so, I wouldn't want the Galaxy SII, nor the Galaxy Note. The hardware and software design is so similar to the iPhone (they even market it as such), from the button placements, UIs, and even accessories such as chargers, that it completely destroys the beauty of Android itself. There were leaks for the ICS TouchWiz UI, and it has marred the months of designing that Google has done for ICS. This is why I will never purchase a Samsung Galaxy series phone (exception: the Galaxy Nexus) unless they really redesign the whole interface.


Yeah like how people say Galaxy S is better than Nexus S. Then see what happen now? Nexus S is getting ICS but Galaxy S still stuck in ancient Android 2.3.


No word yet on availability for outright sale? (besides grey market)


Okay so from all the debate above, let's draw a consensus. If you take in all the significant points, overall Nexus is just a small step forward from Galaxy SII. But when the SIII is finally released, we can pretty much be certain that it'll be a huge step forward from both the SII and Nexus. And it's only just a few months away, perhaps Q3 since the launching date is expected to be in Q1 or Q2.

IF you assume both Nexus and SII/III are both Samsung products, waiting for the SIII would, in my opinion, be a better decision for a Samsung fan in this case.

BUT if you're a pure Google device fan, well Nexus is the best ever device from Google to date. And it will still be perhaps for another year, since the launching SIII won't count. So, what are you waiting for?

Rick Alley

In terms of appearance, Samsung definitely tops all the smart phones out there. They just got better and better at it.


haha.. its samsung marketing strategy lah guys… you can have this but not that, have that but not the amoleds+