Celcom offer BlackBerry Playbook from RM1088 without contract

Posted:  December 26, 2011   By:    7 comments   

It appears to be raining BlackBerry Playbooks. If Maxis Playbook + BlackBerry combo isn’t attractive enough, Celcom is now throwing the Playbook at low prices while stocks last. You can now get a Playbook from Celcom WITHOUT contract at the following prices:

BlackBerry Playbook 16GB – RM1,088
BlackBerry Playbook 32GB – RM1,388
BlackBerry Playbook 64GB – RM1,688

As comparison, the prices above were previously tied with 24 months contract for existing Celcom BlackBerry contract extensions but now it is offered outright.

The only problem though is that the offer is valid until 31st November 2011. Either this is a typical typo or Celcom is using a different Calendar system that we are not aware of.

If you have been eyeing for a playbook, head over to Celcom’s Playbook page.

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7 Comments for Celcom offer BlackBerry Playbook from RM1088 without contract


They do realize that you can get a new one fairly cheap at 949 from others. Yes with original brightstar warranty.


Celcom's calendar not wrong. this promo started since early November 2011. Just nobody notice and talk about it.

    Capt Obvious

    Yes you are right. There are 31 days in November. Everyone knows that.


      opss..yahor..i didn't notice it tim. haha..so blur


Nobody wants playbook, thats why selling so cheap now


Valid while stock last? Don't worry there's plenty of stock. RIM has a huge inventory of Playbook which they are trying desperately to sell. They are taking a charge of US$485 million for unsold Playbook inventory.


Yes. RIM should have lots of inventory.
RIM US was having a promo where a 16GB was only US$199.
Now that I got it, I can understand why so many unsold. 😉


    Few apps for it?