Viral video praises the Galaxy Nexus at the expense of the iPhone 4S

This viral video from Hong Kong pokes fun at Apple fans standing in line to purchase the iPhone 4S. The video follows the same concept and treatment as a series of commercials that Samsung aired in the US that also poked fun at Apple fans standing in line for the iPhone 4S.

The difference is where in the US commercial it is clear that Samsung was behind it with this one, the link is not as distinct. There’s no Samsung or Google branding except for the Galaxy Nexus being mentioned a number of times and the obvious attack on Apple with the mocking of the iPhone 4S and Siri.

What’s interesting about this video is that it was shot at the same location where people actually stood in line to purchase the iPhone 4S. The location became infamous because the people standing in line created such a ruckus that the Hong Kong police had to come and disperse.

But this is not the first time Samsung deployed viral videos to promote its mobile devices. Earlier this year, Samsung launched a viral campaign that was masked as a street video showing a local celebrity getting into an argument with his girlfriend.

The video, which received over 1.5 million hits in its debut week, featured the celebrity having quarreling with his girlfriend over a smartphone. The topic revolved around how the celebrity is not giving the girlfriend enough “holding hand” time because both of his hands are preoccupied operating his smartphone.

Head on over to after the jump for a translated transcript of the video above and the earlier viral video that Samsung released in Hong Kong. Let us know what you think about the videos in the comment section as well.

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Video transcript (in English):

Title: Samsung Galaxy Nexus – The most arrogant advertisement.

Caption: Central, Hong Kong the hot spot for the “queue up” gang at 08.00am.

Female 1: Why is it taking so long? I am so bored! Hey, aren’t you the Indian guy in “Dụngduksiu”? (Dungduksiu is popular comedy show in Hong Kong)

Male 1: Yes, I am.

Female 1: That’s great! Can you tell a joke then?

Male 1: Erm… You’re so pretty!

Female 1: Huh? Was that supposed to be a joke?

Male 1: What happened to you? Need to take a crap?

Male 2: [Nodding]

Male 1: Hehe… you better hold it in then.

Caption: After 3 hours

Male 1: You’re really incredible! You can hold till now. Hi, Joe

Male 3: Hi!

Male 1: Is that your new phone?

Male 3: Ya…

Male 1: Let me have a go
Male 1: [Activates Siri] Is there any phone with a bigger screen than you, slimmer than you, has faster download speed than you, has a nicer “colour” prettier than you and is able to do video chat with nine people simultaneously?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Male 1: Ok. Then when is this available in the market?

Phone: Very soon

Male 1: Erm… do we need to queue up like this to get it?

Phone: Maybe

Male: Oh Ok. [passing the phone back] You can have your phone and enjoy it yourself. Bye dude, See you!

Viral video released by Samsung in Hong Kong February this year: