Book your iPhone 4S with Maxis

UPDATE: Maxis official iPhone 4S plans are out. Read more.

Not to be outdone by Celcom, Maxis has opened up booking to allow subscribers and prospective buyers to book their devices to avoid launch day annoyances when the iPhone 4S launches in Malaysia next week.

Maxis is expecting a massive turn-out and have booked the KL Convention Centre to accommodate and facilitate the large number. Based from our experience, we’re expecting a very organised operation similar to what we saw last year during the iPhone 4 launch.

In an attempt to manage the impending massive crowds Maxis has divided collection of the iPhone 4S into eight sessions across three days. The collection dates and times are as follows:

  • 15th December – 9PM to 12AM
  • 16th December – 12AM to 3AM
  • 16th December – 10AM to 2PM
  • 16th December – 2PM to 6PM
  • 16th December – 6PM to 9PM
  • 17th December – 10AM to 2PM
  • 17th December – 2PM to 6PM
  • 17th December – 6PM to 9PM

To book your very own iPhone 4S, head on over the Maxis iPhone 4S booking page here.

Comparing Celcom it looks like the Maxis team has thought about on how best to make customers’ experience as pleasant as possible. Maxis’ iPhone 4S booking looks more structured as well with subscribers getting a confirmation email that includes a unique confirmation ID which means that for those who go through the booking process is ensured a unit, at least until their chosen time slot has elapsed.

But even with a booking ID you will still have to line up as there are thousands of customers with booking ID coming to collect the iPhone 4S at the same time as you. Be prepared to wait for a couple of hours — at least.

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And so that’s pretty much it. As expected iPhone 4S plans and pricing from all telcos are still elusive at this moment and we don’t expect anyone to reveal anything until at least December 15. But if the previous iPhone launches are anything to go by we don’t expect the iPhone 4S plans from Celcom, Maxis and DiGi to not deviate much from the iPhone 4. iPhone 4S pricing will be roughly similar to the iPhone 4 when it was first launched in Malaysia as well.

Meanwhile, all is quiet in DiGi’s camp. While its easy to surmise that DiGi has lost the plot let’s not forget the old Malay adage — “air tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya” — so we’re not counting out the Yellow Fellow just yet. We still have one whole week till the launch of the iPhone 4S and anything can happen in the meantime.