Update: Celcom offering iPhone 4S to subscribers as early as December 9?

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UPDATE: Celcom reveals official iPhone 4S plans.

Update: Ok so here’s what we’ve gathered so far. Our theory of Celcom opening pre-orders tomorrow being true is increasing likelihood. Operators are on high alert at the moment so we’re hard pressed to get any useful information from any of them at the moment but we see Celcom making the first move with Maxis following quickly after that. whatever it is, expect iPhone 4S fever to start at the stroke of midnight tonight. In the meantime, keep your browser locked on to SoyaCincau.com for updates. If we hear anything, we’ll let you know. If you hear anything, let us know too.


Officially the iPhone 4S will be available in Malaysia on December 16 from Celcom, DiGi and Maxis but Celcom says it has a leg up over the other two and will be offering the device as early as December 9. That is this Friday.

Aside from the date, no other information is forthcoming from Celcom and we’re not really sure how Celcom is going to pull this off considering Apple enforces very strict guidelines over how the iPhone is marketed. Not adhering to said guidelines could result in harsh reprimand from Apple to the offending operator.

It could be a pre-order exercise where you sign-up for a plan, pay some deposit and get the iPhone 4S on December 16 skipping the long lines and wait time. But that’s just a guess right now. In any case its just a couple of days away till everything becomes clear.

Thanks @jnoathan for the tip!

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15 Comments for Update: Celcom offering iPhone 4S to subscribers as early as December 9?


maybe they just release the pricing on that day… =.=


called them up yesterday and the operator doesn't know anything! wonder if they know of something now?


My guess is customers should be able to pre-order iPhone 4S from Celcom on December 9, pick up on December 16.

    Capt Obvious

    Celcom is smart if ppl can pre-order their phones. Place booking fee to confirm being first owners of iPhone 4S even before the phone is launched.


Apple has a pattern to it's release. The iPhone 4S will be open for pre-orders the week before the actual release. I think all the operators (Maxis, Digi and Celcom) will make the iPhone 4S available on December 9th. That's my $0.02 anyway.


ANybody know the price yet?

science and math

Is price will be same here?


How about Galaxy Nexus? any news of galaxy nexus release date in Malaysia?


Soya..what about getting 4s without contract do u have any idea ?


Eh what ? I thought the pre-book is for Celcom Corporate No only. Price and package will be revealed tomorrow. Will get on the 16 Dec.

"Please find below is Celcom Exclusive iPhone 4S offerings, those interested may pre book now however price and package will only be revealed tomorrow nevertheless to avoid disappointment make your bookings now as this 16th only 500 units is allocated to Enterprise clients but should you not agree with the package later withdrawal is allowed and without any charges."


    where did u get the info from? thanks =D


      Bro, from our company HR e-mail today. But I don't have an Enterprise number so mmg no chance lorr. T_T

Alexander Lau

any news about upgrade iphone plan? i still left 5 month with my iphone 4 plan


any insider news if the prices of other phone packages offered by Celcom will be reduced further after iphone 4s is released? or any previous trend to support this?