Tune Talk revises prepaid BlackBerry BIS subscription to RM18/month

Posted:  December 6, 2011   By:    7 comments   

Tune Talk caused quite a stir for BlackBerry service the moment they launched BIS services with incredibly low rates. As a result, most operators were pressured to offer more competitive rates which benefit consumers in the long run.

To stay on as the low rate champion, they have further slashed their monthly BIS service from RM28/month to RM18/month. This makes Tune Talk the most affordable BIS rates, which is RM1 less than U Mobile’s RM19/month BIS subscription.

For more information, head over to Tune Talk’s BlackBerry page.

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7 Comments for Tune Talk revises prepaid BlackBerry BIS subscription to RM18/month


not worth it.

What does BIS Plan include:

Email, BBM, Blackberry Browser, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk & Social Feeds

What BIS Plan does NOT include:

Internet browsing using the WAP Browser, FourSquare, Whatsapp, Youtube & downloads of files

If you download a file using the BlackBerry Browser, you will be charged normal data charges, i.e., RM0.05 per MB.

    Capt Obvious

    U Mobile offer free youtube streaming and data until 31st December. Also U Mobile speed should be faster.


So.. is Digi plan is better?


Umobile still the cheapest so far


do i need to pay for the BB devices? contract?


just can't get my bbm delivered by tunetalk bis


Cara daftarnya bagaimana ??