HTC Flyer gets Honeycomb update

Posted:  December 6, 2011   By:    7 comments   

HTC has begun rolling out Honeycomb updates for the HTC Flyer in Europe. The announcement made by HTC on its global Facebook page didn’t say when Honeycomb will reach HTC Flyers worldwide but looking at past updates, you can expect to see Honeycomb on your HTC Flyer in a few weeks.

The update should come to Malaysia fairly quickly considering that there is very minimal operator customization made to the stock OS on the Flyer. So keep a lookout, we’ll do as well but if you do find the update available for Malaysia let us know. Thanks!


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7 Comments for HTC Flyer gets Honeycomb update


why don't they go straight to ICS instead


The HW keys are disabled after the update.


    I still didn't get the update. I'm wondering if I should update it or not. I wonder if phone ability is still available after update to Honeycomb.

      Capt Obvious

      Phone? I tot flyer only SMS?


        google it bro. SMS can right out of box. For phone, you need to install the phone dialer.

Jun Kit

how come you guys can update? oh no…..


I,m htc maniac & looking forward to grap flyer… So, anyone pls advise me shall i grab it now or wait for latest version of flyer. Since now, 'tablet war' is it worth it to get flyrr compared to others?… But,… Still thinking about u… Flyer!