ASUS Transformer Prime “Smart Cover” caught in action

Posted:  December 6, 2011   By:    5 comments   

Earlier on, we’ve seen the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Smart Cover which looks ridiculously similar with the iPad version. To make it different and possibly to avoid any trouble, the cover comes with folded lines which transform the case into a stand.

Just recently ASUS has released a video on the Smart Cover in action on their Facebook page. From the video, the case is capable of folding into 2 modes – typing and stand. While the iPad 2 smart cover has a magnetic latch, the Transformer Prime Smart Cover is attached with slot-in tabs.


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5 Comments for ASUS Transformer Prime “Smart Cover” caught in action


beat that ipad!!!!
asus bring transfomer prime to malaysia
i surely going to buy it

David Tan

This cover seems like the apple smart cover prototype and it's a rejected prototype by apple.


    oh really???? any evidence to support your claim?

      David Tan

      U can use your brain already know. So complicated to use just because don't want to get said by others they are copying the smart cover. The cover still need to attach whereby the real smart cover is using a magnet. When I watched this video, by look it really make me feel so troublesome because they can't put down their pride to let other people say they cover smart over and hence they did a troublesome copied product that didn't make the user easy to use. Smart cover just fold in a nice straight line already can hold the iPad. Come on, copy then copy lor. Not a big deal since everyone now is copying regardless of apple or google as long as u should know you have to make a good product which is easy to use product for consumers and human being. Give what consumers want.


is that evidence? too long statement no point…