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How about a Motorola RAZR with a slide out keyboard?

Before we had the RAZR, Atrix and Defy, the Motorola Droid or known as the Motorola Milestone (GSM) here was an iconic android smart phone. After the first Milestone, there wasn’t really a high-end Motorola with a sliding keyboard in Malaysia. We had the Motorola Charm, Backflip and Flipout with QWERTY keyboards but came with mid-tier specs.

For those that are craving for a proper high-end Android smart phone with QWERTY keyboard, Motorola is about to release its 4th generation Droid. It features similar RAZR-like design, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4.0″ qHD screen and a sliding 5 Row LED backlit keyboard. However unlike the Motorola RAZR, this QWERTY keyboard version has a back plate where it covers your microSD and micro SIM slots. This would be appealing for those that prefer to type on a proper keyboard instead of a capacitive screen.

With the sliding keyboard, it is thicker at 12.7mm and it weighs 178 grams. From the pics, it doesn’t get that sexy Kevlar back that’s found on the RAZR. The Droid 4, like the Droid RAZR is a 4G LTE smart phone which is exclusive to Verizon in the US. But hey, who knows they will release a “Milestone” version for GSM markets like Malaysia.