Motorola RAZR now on Maxis

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Maxis is finally back in the device game with its latest Motorola RAZR bundle. The RAZR can be yours as low as RM999 on their latest 6GB data bundle which costs RM98/month with a 24 months contract.

As usual, the data package can be bundled with postpaid voice plan as low as RM30/month on Maxis Value First. For the least commitment, you can opt for 12 months contract that offers the RAZR at RM1,799 with a 500MB plan. Honestly this 500MB option isn’t really worth it as you could get it outright slightly under RM1900 if you looked hard enough.

Full plan options below:

Usually Maxis offers RM10/rebate on your data plans during the contract period but there’s a note that it isn’t applicable on the 6GB RM98/month option. As comparison, Celcom offers the RAZR from as low as RM1,308 on 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 250. For more information, head over to Maxis Android page.

In case you missed it, check out our RAZR unboxing and camera comparison.

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5 Comments for Motorola RAZR now on Maxis


Honestly, don't buy this phone! I just bought this device around noon today at a Maxis outlet, and unfortunately, the SIM card slot does not fit in. The personnel at Maxis HAVE TO CUT MY SIM card smaller!

The device requires a micro-SIM, and after the Maxis guy cut my SIM card, it can be slotted in.

However, having your SIM card to be cut is a nightmare to me. What if I need the SIM card to be on a different phone?


    Which Maxis store did you went to? I went to Pavillion they said the stocks haven't arrived yet, so I called KLCC Maxis, same response.


      Putrajaya (Alamanda)


    The RAZR is using microSIM, just like iPhone 4, iPad and Nokia N9. To use back on a normal SIM phone, you would need to get a SIM adapter.


      Ok, thanks for the tip-off. I am amateurish when it comes to smartphones.

      I realised that later after searching and reading about this matter, but not before they cut my sim card down to micro-size. I mean, I am not mentally prepare when they do that… so it comes to my nightmarish surprise. It's rough and edgy.

      Another minus point of this device is that the battery is in-built, so unlike any other phones I have used before (HTC Desire, LG Optimus 2X), there is no way that you can change your battery if it ever went kaput.