Galaxy Nexus Commercial & How to videos

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The Galaxy Nexus is commercially available today starting at the UK. Despite its debut blunder, the show must go on and Google has updated its Nexus website with more content and videos.

Above is their commercial entitled “Calling All” showcasing Galaxy Nexus new features in action. Head after the break for How-to videos to get better acquainted with this 4.65″ smart phone with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thanks to @izham_merican for the heads up.

Galaxy Nexus Getting Started

Setting up Face Unlock

Camera & Panorama

Android Beam

ICS: Make yourself at home

Customise Favourites Tray


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5 Comments for Galaxy Nexus Commercial & How to videos


so many video. don't know to watch or not


The software got a 10 on the Verge. Joshua Topolsky mentions that "it is perhaps just a tiny tiny tiny bit less responsive than the iPhone in general use". This is really important because for me, this has been Android's archiles heel. If Android's feel is now as slick as IOS, Apple better wipe that smirk of their face and get working on improving the look and feel of their dated OS.

And based on my experience of using the N9, flicks and swipes really works more naturally than the home button for mobiles. Its the right direction to go.


face unlock and beam looks cool

Elijah Medge

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