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Infographic: 45% of Malaysians plan to get a smartphone

This infographic from reveals South East Asia to be a significant market for smartphone growth in the coming years. Of course this is not a surprise as this booming region is home to 600 million people.

What is interesting to note is that Indonesia is leading the region in growth and demand. For RIM, this will be of tremendous significance considering that BlackBerry still has a strong command in the populous republic.

While BlackBerrys are in demand in Indonesia, elsewhere in SEA Android is tipped to hold the lead in the overall smartphone market with recent data showing the jolly green robot enjoying 1000% growth over the last twelve months.

It looks like Malaysia will be enjoying brisk growth in the smartphone sector as well with 45% of Malaysians surveyed saying they are going to purchase a smartphone, significantly higher than our high-tech neighbors, Singapore where interestingly enough, her people are the least interested in the region to purchase a smartphone.

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