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ASUS Transformer Prime “Smart Cover” comes with a twist

When the iPad 2 was launched, the Smart Cover was one of the popular accessory introduced. It has a magnetic lock which snaps perfectly into place and came with a variety of striking colours.

Earlier on, a similar “Smart Case” was also designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It appears as a direct rip off, adding more tensions in the already complicated relationship with Apple.

With the ASUS Transformer Prime on the way, one of its accessory was spotted on Amazon which looks awfully similar to the iPad 2’s smart cover. However it isn’t just another Smart Cover as ASUS had made some smart changes to distinguish it from the rest.

Instead of having the usual evenly spaced vertical lines, ASUS Transformer Prime smart cover comes with slanted origami-liked lines which can be also be folded into a stand. A smart way to get out of legal trouble? Compared to Samsung’s Smart Case, the Transformer Prime cover doesn’t protect the back, which isn’t really a full on protection. The case is priced at 39 Euros which is about RM167.

Head after the break for more pics of the “Smart Cover” in action.