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VIDEO: Nokia Lumia 800 design story

Nokia has released a video documentary on the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 which was just launched last month.

The video talks about how Nokia forms a strong collaboration with Microsoft and the story behind their design. At one point, it highlights Nokia’s priority in having the best antenna reception by using materials that are RF transparent, which in this case a single polycarbonate body.

Some may argue, what is there to design since it looks exactly the same as the Nokia N9. While it is easy to point out that Nokia had slapped a WP7 Mango OS inside a N9 body, it is possible that the Lumia 800 came first. Its CEO Stephen Elop had shown a fully functional Lumia 800 internally about the same time when the N9 was announced.

So is Nokia Lumia 800 the best designed WP7 around? Tell us in the comments below.

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