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Droid RAZR tear down by iFixit

The folks at iFixit has managed to give the slim Droid RAZR a nice little dismantling treatment. The Droid RAZR is the 4G LTE version of the Motorola RAZR which was also launched on 11.11.11 in the US. Nevertheless, both devices would be quite identical except for some components required for LTE.

The RAZR has no user removable battery and the back is sealed with a Kevlar woven cover. From the tear down, they have managed to take this apart with a Japanese saw spudger. Contrary to what people think, the Kevlar back isn’t bulletproof but it provides tough protection while being flexible. An actual bullet proof vest has multiple layers of Kevlar and a ceramic plate.

With the cover removed, replacing the battery is quite easy with just 2 torx screws on the connector. There’s even a convenient little flap that lets you pull out the battery easily. iFixit also revealed that the Super AMOLED Advanced display is fused with the front panel which might be costly to replace.

Head after the break for step by step tear down.

Motorola Droid RAZR Teardown