First Impressions: Google Galaxy Nexus

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Posting pictures and videos first, will be adding commentaries later.

Things worth pointing out. We tested the Face Unlock feature and it worked like a charm but it’s not full-proof. Google warns that Face Unlock is not as secure as a regular pin or password and a similar looking person can, in effect, unlock the Galaxy Nexus.

We also got a question from @yauhui via Twitter asking if Face Unlock can be tricked to recognised a printed picture. While we don’t have a printed picture on hand, we test the Face Unlock with a digital image displayed on the screen of a Galaxy Note that we have on hand. Take a look at the video, the results will surprise you.

UPDATE: Our Face Unlocking video created some buzz recently. Read our full clarification post.

Lastly, we took a close-up shot of the 1280×720 pixel 4.65-inch screen on the Galaxy Nexus. While it is indeed a pentile display (which means it has sub-pixels within each pixel), the screen is one of the sharpest we’ve seen. It’s also amongst the best out there in terms of brightness and colour reproduction. It’s a great screen to behold. The display is so sharp that the onscreen navigation buttons look like there are printed on the screen.

Stay tuned for more observations soon. In the meantime, head on over to after the jump for pictures and videos.

Screen close-up

Click for full sized image

Screen close-up 100% crop

Click for larger image

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14 Comments for First Impressions: Google Galaxy Nexus


Great… but what about battery life review?


cant wait for this galaxy nexus..OMG…'s time for me to change..


wahh u like aunty only


the zero shutter lag just blew my mind


    0 shutter lag is 1 thing, how long does it take to load the camera app is a whole different animal.


yo bro you have a sexy face 😉




    Maybe he needs to pronounce in bahasa baku. lol


"looks like they are printed on the screen"


hehey the face unlock video's getting a lot of press now on the internets. malaysia boleh!


Dude……its Preloaded


when will it arrives in m'sia? 🙂


i received my Galaxy Nexus last two days, it awesome i love it. You may read my first review here…


like Ice Cream Sandwich!