Samsung Galaxy Note Malaysian Launch Details

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UPDATE: Samsung Malaysia has posted a photo of the Galaxy Note Swarovski crystals cover on their Facebook page. Head after the break for the picture.

As revealed yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy Note will be offered in Malaysia by both Celcom and DiGi. The Note is priced at RM2,299 just as revealed by one of Samsung dealers on the weekend.

As mentioned earlier, there will be 3 roadshows over the weekend at Pavilion KL, Queensbay Mall Penang & AEON Tebrau JB starting this Friday 11.11.11. There’s no signs of firesale right now but from The Star newspaper ad, they are giving out early bird goodies.

First 50 or 100 depending on location will get a Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals. On top of that, the first 9999 customers will be entitled to get a complimentary Galaxy Note Leather Flip cover when you purchase at Samsung Elite partner stores, Celcom and DiGi outlets.

If you are wondering how does the free Swarovski crystal studded covers look like, head after the break.

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14 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note Malaysian Launch Details

Hiew Vun Yau

Yellow guy on board… That's good.


Galaxy Note white please!


I would like to see the leather flip cover. If it can protect the note.


Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals? That sounds girlie…


Can you get pic of Note with swarovski crystals? might just forgo the launch if the crystals make it bulky or girly.

Hiew Vun Yau

Seriously, these crystal leather covers are ugly?! lolz… I wonder who would really want one of these?! No offense, Swarovski crystals are great, but they just don't look good in this context. Could be me and my poor taste, but man, they just don't look good here, worse still when a few pieces falls off?! hahahaa

    Dit Dot

    At first I thought it was some bling bling luxury casing but now it looks damn cheap!

Nai Kong

While the crystal does make it more bling, it is more suitable for girls than business or serious users. I'll definitely get a normal case if i am buying the note.


is it available in store now or tomorrow?


    Available only tomorrow…


Hi just wanted to point out that the free Swarovski crystal studded covers made me change my mind to be among the 100 to get the SG-NOTE, and why is that u ask. The limited to the 1st 100 ppl cover already looks cheaply bling'ed,and it does not give me enough reason to go to Pavillion @ 10am to get it. I would've come if it was fully bling'ed rather than given this horrid looking limited number of crystals forming a pattern on a limited edition cover. Sadly it makes me realize that it doesn't entice me to get it tdy.Hoping that its something else and a nice surprise rather than a horrid one that I'm picturing right now.


When will they ship in the white color? Any news?