Galaxy Nexus sample pictures

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While we attempt to upload the Galaxy Nexus hands-on video, take a look at some of the sample pictures we’ve taken using the device.

For a 5MP sensor, the detail that the camera on the Galaxy Nexus captures is staggering. Contrast and white balance is good too. Colour reproduction appears washed out for our liking but other than that having a 5MP sensor is by no means a disadvantage for the Galaxy Nexus even when compared to devices with cameras that have more MP.

So for those of you who want to get the Galaxy Nexus but is unsure about the 5MP camera, just look at the pictures. It looks like you really don’t have anything to worry about. And seeing that the device is expected to come to Malaysia before the end of this year, you don’t have to wait long to get one either.

Head on after the jump to check out the pictures we took using the 5MP shooter on the Galaxy Nexus.

For all pictures: Click to see full sized image.

View 100% crop here.

View 100% crop here.

Click for full size image View 100% crop here.

View 100% crop here.

View 100% crop here.

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4 Comments for Galaxy Nexus sample pictures


Is it due to ICS that results in staggering photos?

    Malcolm Lim

    I suppose partly the reason but mostly the camera hardware itself. Software alone cant produce these kind of results.


how the lighting condition when those picture were taken?


since u have tried hands-on between both device, which device produce better pictures ? is it nexus or note ?