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Size Compared: Samsung Galaxy Note with various devices

The Samsung Galaxy Note. Is it a tablet or is it a phone?

With a screen that’s 5.3-inches — way bigger than any smartphone in the market today — the Galaxy Note is indeed an oddity but how does it compare with other devices? We size up the Galaxy Note with a few smartphones and tablets with screen sizes, from as small as 3.3-inch to as big as 10.1-inch, so that you can make the comparison.

Our take on the device? Well…the Galaxy Note is a bit of both actually. Yes, 5.3-inches for a phone is massive, there’s no two ways about that but because the Note is only 9.7mm thin it doesn’t feel bulky. It is actually very comfortable to hold. Of course the ladies might find it a bit too wide to grip but it doesn’t get unwieldy.

Having said that, as a phone we recommend that you use a headset with the Galaxy Note. We use the Note with a Bluetooth headset and for two reasons: 1) the Note gets a bit challenging to hold when we put it next to our face to hold 2) the large screen means that our grimy face will leave an epic screen smudge after every call and that’s annoying.

Also, you’ve been asking us if the Galaxy Note fits comfortably in a trouser pocket. For a standard sized pocket, yes it does and because the Note is so thin, it fits in quite comfortably too.

So head on to after the jump for a couple of videos and a bunch of pictures we have comparing the Galaxy Note with a bunch of tablets and smartphones. Enjoy.

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Smartphones compared (smallest to biggest):
Sony Ericsson Xperia ray (3.3-inch)
Nokia N9 (3.9-inch)
LG Optimus Black (4.0-inch)

Tablets compared (smallest to biggest):
HTC Flyer (7-inch)
LG Optimus Pad (8.9-inch)
Apple iPad 2 (9.7-inch)
Asus Eee Pad Transformer (10.1-inch)