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Which operator will offer the Samsung Galaxy Note?

There has been a lot of talk about the Galaxy Note and so far the chatter has been mostly positive. While many are excited about the device making its debut right here in Malaysia there are a few out there who are also wondering if the launch will involve a mobile operator.

The short answer is, very like yes. The other question is who? We don’t have a confirmed answer at the moment but two names are constantly popping up in conversations and while we can’t mention names, we can say that one is blue and one is green, you can pretty much figure out the rest.

Pricing details are pretty much unknown for now but a RM2,200 and below price point is not impossible as far as we can gather. Add this to an operator subsidy and the Galaxy Note could be yours for around RM1,800 or even less.

But that’s not all, we also heard that there will be a fire sale for the Galaxy Note. This is by no means confirmed at the moment but if its true, we can see a long line forming for a chance to get a very capable device for very little money.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, is it a tablet or a phone? If you can have it for less than RM500, honestly, who cares.