Brightstar Malaysia slash BlackBerry PlayBook prices

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Brightstar Malaysia, authorized distributor for BlackBerry products in Malaysia, is currently running a promotion offering a price cut of RM466 across the full BlackBerry PlayBook range.

Promotional prices for the PlayBook:
16GB — RM1,133 (was RM1,599)
32GB — RM1,433 (was RM1,899)
64GB — RM1,733 (was RM2,199)

In addition, Brightstar is also offering discounts up to RM899 when you purchase the PlayBook together with a BlackBerry smartphone. More details here.

The discounts are following a trend that suggests BlackBerry is trying to clear stocks of its unsuccessful PlayBook tablet. Just recently in the US, RIM announced that is it giving away a free PlayBook with every two purchased. Closer to home, we saw previously Celcom and Maxis offering a similar combo deal to the one that Brightstar is offering.

Things are not looking good for the Canadian tech company as Reuters report RIM shares plummeting to a seven-year low as the manfacturer’s US market share takes a nose-dive from a respectable 24% last year to a dismal 9% in the third quarter of this year.

Will RIM be able to recover from this downward spiral? It’s not impossible but RIM needs to get its a$$ in motion to catch up with the advancements made by Apple and Google.

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Good news. Wanna to buy. Since already have bb and also leaked OS already release include can be use android market n direct download apps thru the android the news is WOW. For those who already have a bb phone. It's time to get the PB. Because PB is also now able to use Androidmarket and download whatever apps like others android device. How to install android apps/market, you can see on youtube.