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Motorola RAZR event happening next week

It’s getting hot in here! Motorola Malaysia will be holding an event to “unleash” the RAZR this coming November 8 which is on the exact same day as the regional launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Considering that the Singapore launch of the RAZR is happening on November 11 and that this event in Malaysia is happening in the middle of the week next week, we don’t think that the RAZR will go on sale on November 8 but expect to see the price of the device being revealed.

Two events launching two of the most anticipated Androids coming to Malaysia — looks like Samsung and Motorola are really trying hard to get your attention. And we have a feeling that the RAZR and Galaxy Note will be priced very closely with one another.

Question is, which one is your pick? Also with all these excellent choices available from the Android camp, would you still wait for the iPhone 4S?