DiGi now offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Posted:  October 24, 2011   By:    6 comments   


DiGi has revealed today that they are offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with its DiGi Broadband Explore 6GB Plan of RM98/month. It goes for RM1584 which is a subsidy of RM315 tied with 12 months contract.

For those that are interested, you would need to pay the device + 12 months subscription upfront which can be paid by installments via credit card. This is offered as low as RM115/month for 2 years duration but only 1 year subscription is included. If you look into the terms & condition, there’s also a RM100 unrefundable registration fee.

As comparison Celcom is offering the Tab 10.1 for RM1468 with 24 months contract of 6GB data plan and RM1528 with 12 months contract.

For more information, visit DiGi’s tablet page.

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6 Comments for DiGi now offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Feel its a bit late for carriers to be bringing tegra 2 devices when tegra 3 device release is just around the corner. Hopefully when the tegra 3 devices are out, the carriers can bring them in faster otherwise people would have bought it already outright or will be waiting for the next release cycle


"zero monthly fees for the first 12 months" is misleading. you already pay for the 12 months. it's covered in the RM115.

typical confusing digi EPP. pffbt.

    Dit Dot

    Penipu besar Digi. Of cos no more monthly fees cos you already paid in advance. It is like saying don't worry about phone bills for prepaid but make it sound like its free.


Kinda stupid deal. After 12 month, you are bonded to continue the remaining 12 months for 98 per month.

Seriously, in the market, you can easily get a tab for rm1699 and go subscribe other internet mobile prepaid plan (eg. U mobile at rm28) which work up to be cheaper in the long run.

24 months tied up when knowing next year, most tablet are quad core, digi is thinking they are plenty of suckers out there.

Go back to drawing board digi….boo.


    where can you get the 1699 tab? most dealers are selling it at 1899. are you referring to second hand AP sets? what will the warranty be like?


i thought buy from digi is worth it than celcom.. by the way people.. where can i get galaxy tab that can pay per month but not using credit card ?