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Sample video taken using the Galaxy Nexus

Why 5MP when your competitors are running 8MP? That’s the biggest question everyone’s asking about the Galaxy Nexus, and its a legit question.

Camera performance will be a major deciding factor for those who are looking to purchase a next-generation smartphone. On the field at the moment we have the iPhone 4S, the Motorola RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus, and how good the camera is on each of these devices will make the difference between deal or no-deal for a lot of people.

Here’s a sample video taken using the 5MP sensor on the Galaxy Nexus. The same footage was shown at the Samsung Google event, you can view it now at your own time in all its 1080p glory.

If you’re wondering, yes, the video has been edited but the only processing done to the original footage was to speed it up in the first clip, and that shouldn’t affect the raw footage taken from the Galaxy Nexus much.

Its pretty impressive for a 5MP shooter don’t you think? For comparison, here’s a video sample taken using the iPhone 4S.