First iPhone 4S commercial breaks — All about Siri

Posted:  October 21, 2011   By:    6 comments   

The first iPhone 4S commercial has just made its debut in the US and it’s all about Siri.

Yes, Siri is intelligent no doubt, but considering its limited scope (limited support outside of US, limited language support) and almost not understanding of the local context in Malaysia, Siri could just be another voice-recognition software when the iPhone 4S arrives in the country.


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6 Comments for First iPhone 4S commercial breaks — All about Siri

Albert Ang

It's funny how apple always advertise things based on something that have already existed on all the other phones . as if they were the first one to come up with something like that.

And its even funnier when some people just fall for it

    Darren Loke

    and its even FUNNIER when people STILL do not understand after so damn long!

    Gosh, how long are you gonna scratch your head while apple sells millions of its devices?

      FaizFizy Rosle

      it is just because it is iPhone. lol


        Let him enjoy his iPhone while the world has moved on.

Sid Acidic

talk to your friends , girl !

Chan Chun Yeen

I see a lot of Android fanboys commenting here.