Siri is an amazing piece of software

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Update: While we’re on the topic of software talking to you like it has a mind of its own, meet Dr. Sbaitso ( acronym for Sound Blaster Artificial Intelligence Text to Speech Operator). Dr. Sbaitso was an artificial intelligence program that runs on MS DOS and was released by Creative Labs 20 years ago. Watch Dr. Sbaitso in action after the jump.

Take a look at this video especially towards the end when Siri answers “noted”. The computing that goes on behind this piece of software is extraordinary. We will say that Siri is one very intelligent piece of code and this video demonstrates Siri’s intelligence amazingly.

Question now is, is Siri practical in everyday use? Especially when you’re talking to it in noisy environments. What do you think?

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8 Comments for Siri is an amazing piece of software

Sayri Fim

In noisy environmental probably will come out something like this.
"tun tun!''
"Battery is low please recharge…" Good enough maybe.

Malcolm Lim

It is amazing what you can do with Siri but lets not forget that you already have something similar in Android called Voice Actions. You can't set a reminder like Siri in voice actions but I believe Google is already working on an improved version of the voice actions for ICS.

In any case, I really like how Siri works and I'm pretty sure that it will not work well in noisy environments because there's just no way that the software can differentiate where the sound or voice is coming from – that is definitely something quite difficult to do but I guess we'll see what reviewers say.


    Go Wikipedia about siri. Its suppose to be an app. The company behind it was making it for android and blackberry as well. But apply acquire that company and cancelled all development for non apple phone. Such a shame. Its already an app in iTunes, bt apple remove it and made it iPhone 4s exclusive. I think old apple phone users won't be too pleased as well.


    hi soyacincau,

    its like asking, is it practical to put 1 gig dual core and 1 gig of ram in a phone.

    is it practical to play 500mb games on a phone.

    is it practical to have moving screen saver and wallpaper on a PHONE?

    is it practical for APPLE to keep changing the world?

    the world is a better place when everyone is using nokia and using stylus to poke.


amazing.. wonder what will happen if you ask the same question over and over again. Will you get the same answer over and over?


    Can Siri get mad or moody? haha


SIRI is Artificial intelligence.

go google.

stop asking about voice command.

i think androids pwned all because the screen saver is so cool, i spent 5 hrs a day looking at the screen saver.

after that, the battery runs out.


Still get a few words wrong but very impressive overall.