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Celcom Nokia N9 plans revealed, offered as low as RM968

After the earlier teaser, Celcom has finally revealed the Nokia N9 plans.

On the Nokia N9 page, the device is offered as low as RM968 with 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 250 which comes with 5GB of data. The lowest entry plan is Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Basic of RM38/month that offers the device for RM1,348 on 18 months contract.

In addition to the offer, Celcom is also offering several units for RM999 for those that registered with them. The offer read “Be the first to own it and flaunt it. Register with us before 15th October”. The conditions wasn’t clearly stated and under the T&C, it shows packages are tied with 12 months contract of BlackBerry plans. So no idea currently on what plan/contract period is tied to this RM999 offer. Great work Celcom on your fantastic website!

UPDATE: Celcom has updated the T&C, mentioning that it is tied to Celcom Exec 50 + mobile internet or Celcom Exec 250 Plan (“Package Plan”) for a period of twelve (12) months. How this works is that from 7th till 15th October, Celcom will draw a lucky winner which will get the N9 at only RM999 which is tied with a shorter period.

As N9 official sales starts today, it appears that Celcom is only selling it on 15th October onwards based on the RM999 promo page. So if you are looking to own a N9 on contract, DiGi is the only choice now.

To register your chance to get the N9 for RM999, sign up here. For the full plan details, head over to their N9 page.