If this is the Nexus Prime, it looks good

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Samsung teased us with a glimpse of the Nexus Prime in a teaser video yesterday but the bright blue glow in the video denied us from having a clearer look at what is to be unpacked this October 11. Today, thanks to the Photoshopping prowess of Reddit user Greyhaven7, we have a much clearer picture of this sexy soon to be released Nexus phone.

The picture gives us a much more defined look at the Nexus Prime with its curve form-factor clearly seen here and once again, we have to say the device looks gorgeous from this angle. In the picture, we can also see a bump at left side of the image similar to the one on the Galaxy S II.

The Nexus Prime is expected to feature a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a high-def 4.65-inch screen pushing 1280×720 pixel resolution, NFC and an 8MP camera with 1080p video capabilities. All this in a shell that is expected to be just 8mm thin.

All will be revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event happening in San Diego next week. We’ll be around to give you live a commentary as the event happens on October 12, Wednesday at 0230hrs Malaysian time. So stay tuned.

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3 Comments for If this is the Nexus Prime, it looks good


i still remember the first google phone, which failed.


    I still have the first google phone and I dont think it failed. In fact that was the phone that started the Android momentum and pushed all the other manufacturers into high gear with Google setting the bar and standard with the Nexus One.

    If you say failed in terms of sales then yes, but it was meant to be a developer phone and also it was meant to set the bar and was never meant to be a hit phone like the iPhone or Galaxy S series for that matter.


next week lorr. watch rugby quarter final dulu