Samsung gives a glimpse of the Nexus Prime

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The iPhone 4S is old story. The next big thing will come from Samsung and Google in the form of a new Nexus phone. Almost certainly going to be called the Nexus Prime, the new device is pushed into the limelight on the back of Apple’s uninspiring iPhone 4S announcement. Now all attention is on this new Nexus, a symbol of everything that is awesome about Android.

Check out this official teaser video for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event and pay close attention to min 00:21, you can catch a glimpse of what Samsung and Google will unveil come October 11.

Upon closer inspection, we see a power button and what looks like docking terminals on the top part of the mystery device. What is also prominent is a camera protrusion on the left side of image indicating a possibly large image sensor. Also worth noting is the slender curved shape of the device and it slim form-factor.

If this is the Nexus Prime, it looks gorgeous from this angle. The Nexus Prime is expected to feature a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a high-def 4.65-inch screen pushing 1280×720 pixel resolution, NFC and an 8MP camera with 1080p video capabilities. All this in a shell that is expected to be just 8mm thin.

The Nexus Prime is expected to take the stage next week at the Samsung Unpacked event in San Diego. We’ll be around to give you live commentary as the event happens on October 12, Wednesday at 0230hrs Malaysian time.


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2 Comments for Samsung gives a glimpse of the Nexus Prime


I think they are showing the side view of the device and not the top view?!


The curve may have been "emphasized" in the video. Some sites like phandroid shows the true curvature after some image processing of the still image. Also gsmarena has some other photo showing the amoled screen resoultion to be HD (1184X720).
I wouldn't mind buying this phone if its not too expensive(unfortunately always the case with google phone).
If this phone is as sexy as it looks, Android now has a better chance of attracting some users from Apple after the letdown that is the Iphone 4S.