iPhone 4S keynote up on Apple Events

After over a year of waiting, Apple this morning revealed its latest iPhone — to the utter disappointment of the world. While the world waited with bated breath for a completely new iPhone, Apple pulled out the iPhone 4S, a virtually identical looking device but with an upgraded processor and camera.

The iPhone 4S wasn’t the only disappointment this morning. The iPhone 4S keynote was also Tim Cook’s debut as Apple CEO and by our count it was one of the most disappointing Apple keynote we have ever seen. The presentation was filled with numbers justifying Apple’s so called dominance in the computer, tablet and smartphone market but the stats created a distorted reality with Apple being in the centre of it all.

The mobile market is completely transformed now. While Apple affords a front-running position, it is no longer the dominant force. In fact, to use, it looks like Apple has a lot of catching up to do and the iPhone 4S is not going to cut it.

In any case, Apple has uploaded the full-length video of iPhone 4S keynote on its Apple Events page.

The gloat-filled presentation is over 90 minutes long, to watch it all click here.

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