By the numbers: iPhone 4S compared

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UPDATE: iPhone 4S is confirmed shipped with 512MB. Apple has yet to confirm how much RAM the iPhone 4S has. Based on the current A5 configuration in the iPad 2, we expect the iPhone 4S to have 512MB of RAM. Some observers are saying the iPhone 4S will ship with 1GB of RAM. Guess we will have to wait till it ships to know for sure.

With the iPhone 4S revealed, let’s compare it against other flagship smart phones. We compare it spec by spec against the BlackBerry Bold 9900, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XE, Nokia N9, Samsung Galaxy S II and the existing iPhone 4.

We’ve also included the Nexus Prime which is expected to be revealed next week with its unconfirmed specs.

While the iPhone 4S is similar in terms of dimensions compared to the original iPhone 4, it is actually 3g heavier. Just to recap, internally the 4S runs on a dual-core A5 processor, increased RAM, a new 8MP camera and supports both CDMA/GSM networks.

With all of them compared, the iPhone 4S isn’t really ground breaking. If this is going to be Apple’s flagship device for another year, they are seriously being left in the dust as the Android contenders are gearing up in terms of hardware specs.

If you’ve been delaying your smart phone purchase until now, what is your verdict? Drop your comments below.

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9 Comments for By the numbers: iPhone 4S compared


i'll get an android big screen phone, and get an ipad 2 only.

the iphone4s screen is too small…….


sometimes it's not about the specs.. my 3GS can run apps smoother and faster than 1Ghz android phone.. Its about package as a whole..


What kind of shock from apple. There is no 'wow' effect from 4s..
I kinda prefer android or n9..


I think that the iphone4s exclusive "Siri" feature is impressive


"If this is going to be Apple’s flagship device for another year, they are seriously being left in the dust…"

Haven't we done this before? With every iPhone that was launched, there's always a spec-wise comparison touting how the iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 & 4S) is not that great as compared to others. Yet, the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone.

Does it translate to actual performance of the phone? I doubt so.


Sheesh, people are so myopic. Obsessing over some spec or another, some narrow feature? Please! Apple wins customers because of the overall experience.

That experience is more than the sum of the parts, and these days, its more than just how those parts are integrated into a device. It extends to the retail experience, and now, it extends over all your Apple devices (and to a lesser extent, your Apple software on Windows).

This isn't just about the phone. iOS 5 and iCloud are going to be a major platform for future innovation. I think they are downplaying it after their miss-steps launching MobileMe, but with iOS 5 + iCloud + Lion, Apple has the foundations for pervasive computing. You'll soon be able to close up your MacBook in the middle of editing a Keynote presentation. Review it on your iPhone while you are waiting for your flight and revise it on your iPad without really even thinking about syncing, or copying the file.

And Siri? Siri starts integrating 3rd party web services into the experience.

Open your eyes, folks. They may or may not pull it off, but Apple still has some interesting stuff up their sleeve. These complaints remind me of the whining about what was missing from the original iPhone.


    True. Apple wins in term of overall experience. The UI is smooth and battery life is long despite having inferior hardware than dual-core Androids.

    However, the feature that is improved in iPhone 4S are features that average people don't know or don't care. iCloud and A5. The camera would be the only thing that is attractive to normal users, but if you have iPhone 4, there's no need to upgrade.

    Siri? It's fun to play around for a while, but after that you won't ever use it again. It's kinda awkward to tell your phone what to do in public. It's just a gimmick. Like Facetime.

    The thing is, most people buy smartphones for calling, texting, internet, camera and Angry Birds (there's a lot of fun games beside this one, people). All the other features are left untouched.

    These are the features that average people care about:
    1) Physical look of phone
    2) Camera
    3) User interface

    That's it. They don't care what dual cores are, how big is the app library (as long as they have Angry Birds), battery life, price or software updates.


i think Siri is one of the WOW factor that iPhone 4s has…other than that?…errrr….pretty same as previous iPhone4..duh…


i'd say the phone manufacturers achieved their objectives well… that's to get end users to fight among ourselves and going ga-ga over their products and still willing to buy them just to prove the point.