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Let’s talk iPhone: Here are the live blogs we recommend you follow

Whether you’re a hater or a cult follower, there’s one thing you can’t deny, this week everyone will be talking about iPhones. After 18 months in the making, the new iPhone will be announced early 0100hrs tomorrow morning (October 5, Malaysian time) in California and the world will be watching.

At this point in time, no one seems to agree how many iPhones will be announced and what it will be called. Will it be iPhone 4S or will it be iPhone 5, or will it be both? With one being a high-end model and the other, a entry-level variant. At the moment however, everything we know are based on speculations and rumours.

What a lot of people seem to agree on is the specifications of the device. The new iPhone is expected to run Apple’s 1Ghz dual-core A5 processor and it is expected to have 1GB RAM. Pundits have also come to a consensus on the iPhone’s camera, in the latest iteration, the iPhone is very likely to have 8MP shooter. What’s a little vague but still a reoccurring point, is the new iPhone’s screen size. Talk is rife that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen up to 4-inches across.

A part from hardware, software will also be a strong emphasis in the new iPhone. iOS 5 and could will be a big thing in the new device. The “Let’s Talk iPhone” title in the Apple media invite strongly suggests that speech-based and voice recognition software will be a prominent theme during the announcement. There has long been speculation that Apple was working to integrate more advanced voice recognition features into iOS since its acquisition of Siri in 2010. This functionality has been dubbed “Assistant” that lets you access various native apps such as email and contacts all through voice commands.

Yet, once again, all these are still unconfirmed at this point in time.

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In any case, everything will be answered in less that 18 hours and if you’re like us, you will want to follow the minute-by-minute updates on what Apple will unveil at the iPhone event. Here are some of the live blogs that we follow and we recommend you do to.

Engadget Live
Gizmodo Live
Gdgt Live
Reuters Live Blog
Mac|Life Live
Ars Technica Live

Bonus tip: Tracking realtime results direct from Google realtime gives a good overall picture on the conversations on the new iPhone.

The event is happening at 1000hrs Pacific Standard Time or 0100hrs our local time. However you can start logging in to these blogs as early as 0000hrs. We will be up to catch the action as it happens.