By the numbers: Samsung Galaxy Tabs compared

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Samsung now has a total of 6 different tablets since the launch of the original Galaxy Tab. Just recently, we have seen 2 smaller sized tablets the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy 7.7, both running dual-core processors and the latest Android 3.2 honeycomb OS.

The table above illustrates the different hardware, physical dimensions and weight of each model. Knowing each of them are different, which one would you go for?

Update: Official RRP pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range
Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Not available in Malaysia
Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G: RM1,899
Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi: RM1,499
Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G: RM1,699
Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi: RM1,299
Galaxy Tab 7.7: TBA
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (3G+WiFi): RM1,699

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29 Comments for By the numbers: Samsung Galaxy Tabs compared


why spend your time and crack your head because of this? get an ipad. period


    Why don't you go play your ipad? Since you're so free to comment on every Android post, the ipad must have sucked badly.


    why spend your time and post a comment here? just continue and play your iPad, let others to choose which size they want their tablet to be.


    I did get the ipad, as you so wisely advised. Total waste of rm2.5k, it was. Now using the original galaxy tab 7. Productive, portable and feature-full 🙂


      Highly agreed kumar.. Apple product is nothing but basic device.. Really not a friendly user device..


        Huh? If you want to compare flexibility and customisability, then yes, iOS loses to Android. But user-friendliness is something that Android loses to iOS. I'm talking about casual and non-tech-savvy users, not hardcode techie users. iPad is simply easier to use and understand for non-techie ppl because there's essentially no options for them to choose (and to confuse them).


          Did you use android 3.2 before you comment? No?


          Ok Android has no "PRESS HERE" indicators.. yeah not useful


What about the price?


    The price comparison?


Seem like 7.7" very nice !!!!
anybody know it can make call or not ???


    can make call.. speaker on top. gsm capability


7.7", can make call and got MicroSD expansion slot!!


soya cincau pls ignore 10.1v as it is not available in Malaysia


Im loving it…my 10.1 3G tab….hehe


soyacincau shoud add one more item to the list.which model support sim card.It will be easier


The Tab 8.9 also doesn't have a microSD slot like its big brother the 10.1??


how about the price? (official price)


price baby price, need those to know which to choose


i would be getting a tab 10.1 . But this 7.7 baby really get out of the creative class. its super class! I am impressed of it but i need a bigger screen for gaming. If can , a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 plus? with calls, sms, micro Sd slot and a HDMI. HEHE!!!


7.7" is in the market already? I dont think so right?


I was here to generally comment on which Samsung Tab I'd go for, but after reading some of the comments, I could not help myself with this one from one iPad fanboy, DAVID, where he commented: "…………. iPad is simply easier to use and understand for non-techie ppl because there's essentially no options for them to choose…"

Ya man, like lambs for the slaughter?! wahahaha… man, you are funny…

Anyhoo, I'd wait and see how much the 7.7" will cost to decide, that one looking very attractive, spec-wise.

Personally, I'd still prefer iPad, since I have an Android phone, so that I can get both OS environments. But from a $$$ conscious thinking, I won't buy one, because I don't think I'll use it much (for productivity). So I'll wait and win one instead! wahahahahaha


Still waiting for the Tab 7.7….


I got iphone ipad1 ipad2 in the bigenning its good as it could be jailbreak , since Jobb retired from his jobs , new ios hardly to be jailbreak .. Im not going to waste money to buy those stupid apps , as android iv heard from my bro who use android table , it work very well as for people like me ( dont want to spent money for apps). Now its time to give android a chance


iPad 2 resolution is a let down since it is the same display use in iPad 1. I owned iPhone 4 and the display is superb. But after seeing Samsung Galaxy S2, I really fall in love. The display is crispy and extraordinary. And if Samsung smart enough to put similar technology in Galaxy Tab 7.7, I am all yours. The downside of SGS2 is that the battery life is really bad. A bit worse compare to iP4. And for the GT7.7 is that the camera 3MP is something need to be look at. At least 5MP is more reasonable these days.____And I love the Cydia. Not sure with Android "backdoor" community though. Feel free to comment.


is it samsung galaxy 8.9 support both wifi n 3G?