If this video is anything to go by, the new iPhone will be thinner and have a larger screen

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Factories in China are churning out casings for the new iPhone like nobody’s business. Just looking at the sheer variety of the cases available for the yet unreleased next-gen iPhone, these factories surely must know something. If anything, this is a clear indication of what we can expect to see from Apple this coming October 4.

Apparently these enterprising Chinese manufacturers based their iPhone cases on an iPhone 5 prototype that has allegedly gone missing from Foxconn factory in Shenzhe. This prized iPhone prototype was then sold to one of the iPhone case manufactures from US$3,100. The manufacturers then went to town with the prototype producing the selection of casings you see in the video. By the looks of it the new iPhone will feature a design that is much different from the iPhone 4.

Apart from being 33% thinner (almost as thin as the current generation iPod touch) we can see that the tapered tear-drop design and a bigger screen also present. The new iPhone case is also longer which suggests that the new iPhone will have a larger footprint than the current model.

If these casings are indeed based on the real deal, we’re in for a bigger surprise that we thought. All shall be revealed next week!


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6 Comments for If this video is anything to go by, the new iPhone will be thinner and have a larger screen

Hiew Vun Yau

Anyone noticed that that ipod touch 4 has a white coloured front?! lolz…

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yea, since when there is a white ipod touch? :O

Button badges

LOL, maybe they change the housing as well.

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