All your questions answered: Nokia 600, 700, 701

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We have a date with the Symbian Belle trio tonight. So if you have questions about Nokia’s loudest, brightest and smallest, ask away in the comments section. We’ll try to answer them after our hands on experience with the three devices.

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13 Comments for All your questions answered: Nokia 600, 700, 701


For surfing internet, which is better, N9 or the cheaper nokia701?


Does the fix focus reduce camera's quality much or is it pretty much the same?
How's the processor and RAM for these phones?
Is the official Belle better than the leaked variants? How much better/worse?
Thanks 🙂


What is your preference among these 3 and the N9
how do they fare in terms of overall performance
is there gonna be an upcoming update(Symbian C_____) for these phones? if ya, when?


When will the official Belle available for N8?
Compare to Meego, which have better battery consumption?


does it support flash?


Nokia 600 is the loudest???
How's the quality??


1. Please load up 4-5 processing intensive apps and assess on the multitasking aspect of Belle.

2. Is copy paste a bit different now? If so, how. I am an ipad user coming from Symbian, I must say the IOS way of copy pasting is more neat and efficient.

3. Please check the GPS positioning locking system is it very good like the 5800 or sad like the N97

4. Would be lovely if you just highlight the difference between Belle and before Belle. I read there's a dropdown menu on the Belle.

5. I love Nokia and hopefully new directions and pressure from competitors would keep the price down but the features rich!

Thank you Soya Cincau.
Popo / @aziman on twitter

Varenya Mehta

amoled(c7 & 700) vs ips lcd(701).which is better?

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Ahmad Fikri Zainudin

1)does nokia new mobile phone support charging through micro usb?
2)can we use secondary camera for 3g video call?
3)does all three model had 2 megapixel secondary camera & does the video quality improve?
4)can it become wifi hotspot? ( without using third party software )
5)does graphic & audio had their own ram or sharing with device ram?
6)can we use facebook chat in facebook app?
7)between android & symbian belle which one took lesser internet data?
8)what make symbian belle different from android? ( exclude app market, interm of handling n etc )
9)can we serve in symbian belle?
10)can we change on screen keyboard layout? ( saw in video, it look odd )
11)what does it feel type using on screen keyboard is it feel like older symbian phone?
12)does all 3 model come with gorilla glass?
13)what we get in a box?
14)does belle had handwriting recognition?
15)does nokia provide editing software for microsoft office?

sorry for my poor english..


    boy, u are asking too much, why dont you get an android phone or iphone?

      Ahmad Fikri Zainudin

      I already had android phone..but im not satisfied with it..really miss my symbian..

Ahmad Fikri Zainudin

16)does belle support onenote?
17)may belle support dlna?
18)does belle support google product? ( like docs, readers & etc )
19)what browser improvement nokia do in belle & does it smooth & easy to navigate like browser on android or mobile opera?