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UPDATED: Sandip Das — We’re working to bring the iPhone 5 in Malaysia as soon as possible

Maxis CEO Sandip Das was quoted in Buletin Utama TV3 that Maxis is working closely with Apple to bring the iPhone 5 to Malaysia as quickly as possible.

Will the new iPhone come to Malaysia in October as well? We have a feeling it just might.

Commenting to reporters at the Maxis Hari Raya Open House event, Maxis CEO Sandip Das says that Maxis is putting pressure on Apple to see that Malaysia gets the iPhone 5 quickly.

This puts Maxis as the likely candidate to becoming the first Malaysian telco to bring the much anticipated next-gen iPhone to Malaysia.

Maxis has had an excellent track record with iPhones. The operator had a head start in bringing the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 to Malaysia. In addition it had exclusivity to the two device for a long time before other local operators finally caught up.

When it comes to Apple, nothing is left by chance. And having the CEO of Maxis come out in public to make such a statement is tantamount to a confirmation. If anyone could bring the new iPhone to Malaysia in record time, we’re putting out bets on Maxis.