Apple expected crazy iPad 2 3G sales at China launch but virtually no one turned up

China is a funny place. When the WiFi version of the iPad 2 was launched, teenagers sold off their vital organs just to raise enough money to get one. At launch day, crazed Apple fans (as well as scalpers) took frenzied buying to a whole new level over there when they beat each other up just to get the iPad 2.

Just recently, the 3G version of the iPad 2 was launched in China and judging from what happened during the WiFi version launch its pretty safe to assume that the masses will come back for another session of frenzied buying. Well as it turns out, this time around, on one in China gave a damn about the 3G version of the iPad 2.

Apple flagship stores in Shanghai and Beijing geared up with long line barricades and ramped-up in-store security expecting even more people to stand in line for the iPad 2 3G. This was not the case. In fact, no one came to buy a 3G iPad 2.

It was quite frankly one of the worst product launches we’ve ever seen. The main reason for this catastrophic failure is because the 3G iPad 2 is already on sale in neighboring Hong Kong and other Asian countries. And because of the rampant smuggling of Apple products into China, those who wanted the device would have already gotten it from unofficial sources. On top of that the 3G version is ridiculously expensive at US$721 for a 16GB version and it is apparently un-Jailbreakable at the moment.

China is a funny place, ain’t it?

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Hit up the source link for a full recap on what went down in China during the iPad 2 3G launch. More surreal pictures of empty Apple Store fronts after the jump.