U Mobile to offer Samsung Galaxy S II from RM849?

UPDATE: U Mobile Galaxy S II full plan details here.

Not wanting to be left behind, U Mobile is also offering the Samsung Galaxy S II. Finally, the underdog telco has a flagship android device just like the other big 3 – Maxis, Celcom and DiGi. The discovery was found thanks to a tip off from an SMS sent by U Mobile.

According to the message, the Samsung Galaxy S II is offered from as low as RM849. To find out more, the message suggest visiting their U Mobile stores or their website. At point of posting, no details are available on u.com.my. Like the RM399 Samsung Galaxy Tab offer, we would expect the Galaxy S II to be tied with U Premium postpaid plan for 24 months.

We will share more details once we find out more.

Thanks to @azrirashid for sending this in!