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P1 4G revises One plan with entry level RM69 option


P1 has revised its ONE plan which offers a combination of desktop home modem and a USB dongle. At that time of launch, the revamped Super Broadband offering had an option of 3 ONE plans – 89, 129 and 169 with combined quota of 5GB, 15GB and 30GB respectively. To target mass consumers with lower commitment options, they now have introduced ONE plan 69 which offers a lower 3GB quota at RM69/month, making it a total of four ONE Plans.

In terms of speed, P1 now offers 1.0Mbps download speed for both home and portable modems on its lowest 69 and 89 plans. Previously P1 One Plan 89 had a speed of 600kbps for home. In terms of hardware, P1 now its UH-235 Super Wiggy modem on all 4 plans.

You probably would notice that P1 is also on the roll to educate consumers that USB Modems is bad for indoors, hence the need of having 2 modems for different need. Again this is something arguable since we have no issues with dongles indoor in many of our broadband test experiences. In most cases, indoor coverage is also very much dependent on the network than the device alone. Dongle manufacturers normally design their usb modems to cater for a wide user pattern scenarios, not just outdoors.

More plan details after the break.


As usual, all P1 modems are free of charge with lifetime warranty as long as you’re an active subscriber. For those that need voice, it will be an additional RM10/month for P1 One Plan 69 and 89. At the moment, they are giving a RM20-30 off for the first 3 months if you subscribe.

Interestingly, P1 is offering a Money Back Guarantee for the P1 One Plan 69. This guarantee however is not on the broadband experience but rather on competitive plans and pricing. In other words, if you can find another plan from another broadband provider that provides better deal in terms of quota, pricing and number of modems, they will refund back your money. Oddly enough, the competitive plan must be postpaid and it also must include 2 modems as part of its money back conditions.

For more information, head over to P1 One Planpage.