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Nokia N9 64GB version sold-out on pre-orders

The Nokia N9 is creating quite a buzz and it’s really to no surprise. There is a great deal to like about Nokia’s debut MeeGo device despite the fact that Nokia has abandoned the platform even before the N9 is launched.

Actually that doesn’t matter, the Nokia N9 is a wonderful device and the MeeGo platform that’s running it looks fresh, very well thought out and polished. Let’s just hope that the app support will come flooding in when the device hit stores sometime in October.

In any case, Nokia’s Flagship Store in Helsinki, Finland has started taking pre-orders for the N9 and in just three days, all available pre-orders units for the 64GB version have been reserved. The store is still taking in pre-orders for the 16GB version but it appears that slots are quickly running out.

Both the 16GB and 64GB versions of the Nokia N9 will be coming to Malaysia in early October and we wonder if the enthusiasm will resonate here. Judging from the people we’ve spoken to about the N9, many share the sentiment that the N9 is a good device but at the same time the same people share a similar worry that MeeGo will enjoy very little support from Nokia and developers.

Although this concern is real, it is not something Nokia can’t fix with the right mix of marketing and some perception changing PR (assuming of course it has got the developer support sussed out).

The positive response for the Nokia N9 is indeed welcoming but Nokia had better have something good up their sleeves as the October launch window for the device coincides with the debut of the new iPhone. Whatever the new iPhone may look like, it’s going to be a huge challenge to get any attention from all that Apple-related noise.

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