Official Nokia N9 Malaysia Pricing from RM1,799

Posted:  September 13, 2011   By:    33 comments   

We are updating live from the Nokia N9 media launch event and we’ve gotten more details of the upcoming MeeGo device to hit Malaysia. The official pricing of the Nokia N9 has been revealed as below:

Nokia N9 16GB – RM1,799
Nokia N9 64GB – RM2,088

There’s also a NFC enabled stereo speaker going for RM699. As comparison, the N8 was launched at RM1,690 last October.

Both DiGi & Celcom will be offering plans for the device with official availability slated for early October. This makes Malaysia among the first markets in the world to receive the N9.

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33 Comments for Official Nokia N9 Malaysia Pricing from RM1,799


gr8 to hear abt it 😀


just take my money nokia!! I WANT MY N9!!!


What about maxis? Are they gonna be joining DiGi n Celcom to offer the N9?


nokia all the way woot. the price is quite resonable.


first market to get N9 means last market to get WP7 T.T

feel so down


    really? About the WP7?


    its ok facts, nokia wp will b focus at us market.
    For europe n asia market, nokia still push symbian to b success.
    If u still prefer nokia wp, i suggest u to wait nokia wp flagship next yr with tango/apollo update


"So does this mean Celcom be offering nationwide on the N9 plan? As in including Sarawak early October?"

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When and where can I buy the N9? Been waiting for the N9 since its rumour began circulating early this year

Kevin teh

Is RM2,088 for 64GB or 32GB ?.


    There's no 32GB model


too expensive for a DOA(Dead on arrival) phone, might as well get the evo 3d or sgs 2


    meego is not dead bro..its just bcoz elop (trojan horse)want to sell his lovely wp7 rather than symbian or meego.
    Thats y he dont want n9 to b sell at us market, bcoz he fear when n9 sell more than wp device,its just show how fails is he as nokia ceo.

      Sam Wong

      You are right, each time i saw his face just feel fed-up, don't know why but has a direct feeling that he is just a devil to Nokia !

        Sam Wong

        If just look at the video, Meego looks has a big potential, it can just attract back most of the old Nokia Kaki, at the same time for the youngster too. But anywhere we have to try the real phone first before make any comment.


what a pity…with unknown future of Meego will make many potential buyer turn away from getting this phone..


    Are you sure about that Ajax!, only a few years back a new OS came to the market and was quickly latched onto by buyers and not long after developers were attracted to it and it became huge, I am of course referring to Android, no one had heard of it, but it quickly became the biggest selling OS platform to date, why do you think that Meego won`t go BIG!, already Samsung are looking into it along with ZTE and China mobile, it will be big for sure, going down just the WP7 route is a really bad move by Nokia, they should run Meego and WP7, at least then customers have a choice and Nokia have something to fall back on if WP7 fails, if they put all their hopes on WP7 and it fails it really is goodbye Nokia, Stephen Elop should be sacked now, I really don`t understand why the Nokia board or the shareholders are letting him get away with this.

    I for one and getting the N9, so will my wife and anyone that see`s this beauty in action will be surely tempted, I think the N9 will be a smash hit, then developers will push out apps, just wait and see!

      Hiew Vun Yau

      because Microsoft is paying Nokia $1.5b to go with WP7… lolz…


      i also hope it will happen like you said..i used n900 b4..however, disappointed with the availability of the app.. unless more manufacturer will go into Meego.. or else, it will also same fate like n900..but it is really a good phone and good os… WP7 will go big faster since more manufacturer has announced the new phone with WP7 but not Meego yet..i guess they are still looking at the response of the market … which mean more developer of app will move into WP7 first..

      but n9 UI really nice.. 😛 the only thing i don like is the built in battery and micro sim card.. troublesome when replace the battery and cant share the sim card with other phone.. unless using adapter..

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what a pity…with unknown future of Meego will make many potential buyer turn away from getting this phone..


I bought N8 when it was launched, big mistake!
Phone was dead within one week.
Regretted buying Nokia N8.
Let just wait and see the actual product.


Actually twosocks, that was a manufacturing fault at the Chinese factory!, a little out of Nokia`s hands, I bought my N8 last November and apart from the the occaisional freeze, mine has been very reliable since the updates and I`m now running Symbian Belle and its faultless, My wife`s N8 did fail within the month, the same power supply problem that many faced, she was give a new phone within the week, and that has never had any problems.

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Any suggestions on where one could buy this phone? Lowest prices? I would like to have one shipped to the US (no n9 here :-/ ).

Easy Official

great phone


awesome..I want it..


wait for me n9