Confirmed: The next Google Nexus phone is coming from Samsung

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Yes, it is pretty much set in stone. The next Nexus phone will come from Samsung. Clearly Google thinks Samsung has done a good job with the Nexus S, which to us, was just an overpriced, re-branded Samsung Galaxy S.

But that all doesn’t matter now. A new Nexus is coming and Samsung will be making it and it has a very cool name. The Nexus Prime.

At the moment it looks like only the name of the new Nexus device has been confirmed. Other details are scarce, including launch date (expect sometime around October) and pricing but expect the latest version of the Android OS — Ice Cream Sandwich — to make its debut in the new Nexus phone. Other than that we’re thinking a high-definition display is definitely possible, so it a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Also, NFC is a given we would think.

What else could the new Nexus be packing? glasses-free 3D and stereoscopic camera perhaps? Highly unlikely we think but who knows.

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6 Comments for Confirmed: The next Google Nexus phone is coming from Samsung


Nexus S overpriced? It's RRP was RM100 cheaper than SGS, wasn't it?


    yes i believe so

    it will probably be another "overpriced", re-branded Samsung Galaxy S II?
    hope some googler will go drinking in a bar an accidently leave it there, lol


    Samsung Galaxy S was launched in June 2010 at RM2599, but for the Nexus S to launch a year later at RM2499 is just too much.

    When Samsung Galaxy S II was launched at RM2099, Nexus S was only reduced slightly to RM2299.…


      Oh… does Nexus S still RRP @ RM2299 until now?

      Actually, if I got a choice, I would go with Nexus S for real Android experience. Not that Samsung was bad, but SGS was seriously haunted by lag. Really bad lag.

      Tasted Nexus S once, love it already. lol.

      I'm looking forward to Nexus Prime, if … budget allows. 😀


If I remember correctly, Nexus S was RM2,399. Anyhow, Samsung conducted a study and came out and say that 3D is not healthy and tires the eyes or something like that, so I'm guessing anything from Samsung will be without 3D! hahaha

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