Samsung streamlines its Galaxy range of devices. Making it easier for you to know what’s what

Samsung Galaxy range of phones — there’s a lot to choose from. By our count there are at least 10 types of Galaxy phones in various guises. In Malaysia the more popular ones are the S II, Ace, Gio and the 5. With so many variants with even more differences in specifications and prices points, it’s easy to get confused as to which Galaxy is which.

In a bid to make things clearer for the consumer, Samsung has announced its new naming convention for the Galaxy range. The Galaxy line of phones will be segregated into five different categories with three variants.

At the top of the order, you have the “S” range of Galaxy phones. S stands for “Super Smart” and is the flagship of the Galaxy devices. Next, you have the Galaxy R range. R stands for “Royal” and is used to represent devices that combines top-notch performance and design in a premium package.

Further down the Galaxy lineage, you have the “W” line which stands for “Wonder” and will be reserved for high quality specialty models. Then there’s the “M” (Magical) range of Galaxy phones that will boast decent performance at affordable price and finally there’s the “Y” (Young) range of Galaxy devices that will be targeted at a younger target with entry-level pricing catered to appeal for emerging markets.

In addition, these five classes will be further differentiated in three sub-classes — “Plus”, “Pro” and “LTE”. Plus” will indicate an upgrade to an existing model, “Pro” will add a QWERTY keyboard and “LTE” will signify the presence of LTE support in the device.

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So what do you think? Does the new naming convention make it easier for you to differentiate one Galaxy from the other?