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DiGi dreams of a better Malaysia. We share that dream..

This, by our reckoning, is the best Merdeka tribute video we’ve ever seen. No froo-froo mumbo jumbo about faux patriotism or about waiving the Jalur Gemilang. It’s about how we have all forgotten what it is to be a Malaysian and the supernatural power of forgiveness.

The powerful and emotive video — called “Dear Malaysians” — was produced by DiGi in conjunction with Merdeka and it is splendid in its story-telling, we just love it!

In DiGi’s own words

An poignant exploration into the power of apologies and forgiveness.

The “Dear Malaysians” campaign was created to help Malaysians say “I’m sorry” and seek forgiveness from one another during the festive season. Hopefully, it’ll teach us how to brighten someone’s day, one apology at a time.

Spread the joy of forgiveness at

DiGi wishes all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Raya, Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia.

You’ve outdone yourselves again DiGi. Congratulations.

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