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Nokia proves that you can shoot amazing things with the Nokia N8

If you have a Nokia N8, follow these instructions: Hold phone in hand. Watch the video, look at your N8. Watch video, look at your N8 again. Watch video, now read this post.

The video you just saw (three times now, if you’ve followed our instructions properly) is a testament to the potential that is the Nokia N8. The 12MP imaging behemoth (in the mobile phone world at least) opens up tremendous possibilities for creative explorations. Now the question is, are you creative enough for your N8?

The video — titled Gulp — is no ordinary stop-motion rendition. The elements you see in it are not animations or miniature constructs. They are all life-sized. Yeap. The boat you see, life-sized. The beach, that’s a real beach, not a set. The text and illustrations, all drawn by hand on the beach. The set for the short was an 11,000 square feet piece of beach in Wales.

Gulp was made by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations, these are the same people that brought us the lovable characters of Wallace & Gromit. The makers used the Nokia N8 for the still shots and then stitched the stills together at 25 frames per second.

Yes, this is nothing more than an elaborate Nokia advertisement, but what a commercial it is. Having said that, Nokia has to stop relying on the N8 to catch people’s imagination. The iPhone 5 is coming and let’s not forget the unstoppable tide of Android phones that feature even more sophisticated hardware and processors. Nokia had better have something special up their sleeves when the show of their Windows Phone devices.

Check out the making of Gulp right after the jump.