Sample video: BlackBerry Bold 9900

Here’s a sample video taken using the camera on the — yet to be released in Malaysia — BlackBerry Bold 9900. RIM previously did a great job at choosing the worst possible cameras for their devices especially on their Bold line of phones, but crappy cameras are no longer the case with the new Bold 9900.

The 5MP shooter on the 9900 is like nothing we’ve ever seen on a BlackBerry. Videos are recorded in 720p HD at 1280×720 resolution, and boy do they look good. The video recording is top-notch. Images are clear at the colour reproduction and saturation is stellar. It certainly gives a lot of the better Android and iPhone cameras a run for their money. The sound recording is pretty good as well considering the noisy environment, the separation is good which makes hearing the speaker’s voice easy.

So if this is anything to go by, it looks like the days of crappy Twitpics from your BlackBerry friends are numbered. Rejoice BlackBerry diehards, rejoice!