Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android

UPDATE: Seems like iOS version is only available to those on US and other selected country stores. Thanks @luc_sohow for the headsup.

Here’s a new addition to your messaging complication channel. Facebook has announced its Messenger service which is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It offers instant messaging among your Facebook friends directly on your mobile.

So what makes it different from the Messaging via native Facebook app? It promises faster access with supposedly instant delivery and response. Basically taking on the likes of Whatsapp and Kik. The key differenciator we can see is that your conversations are both available on both web and app. This means no messages to lose in case of hard resets or when switching devices.

In addition, you can do group conversations, enable locations and attach photos. The Messenger app is now available and you can get it by searching for “Facebook Messenger”.

iPhone users can get it here while Android folks can download it from the Market.

More info here or via Facebook Blog.